We have moved! We are now in Lineville, AL.

Hello, I’m Jessica!  I run a small scale farm in Lineville, AL and raise True Mini Plush Lops, Great Pyrenees Dalmatians, Nubian goats and Berkshire pigs.  I also sell free tea he chicken eggs for $3/dz.

Our rabbits are part of our family and stay in our house w/us for lots of daily interaction.  I grew up with bunnies (New Zealand) and bought my 1st two Mini Lops in 2015 and completely fell in love w/their personalities.  I began breeding Mini Lops in 2016 and decided I wanted to research smaller breeds and found Mini Plush Lops in 2017.  I completely fell in love with their look and size and knew they would have awesome personalities like my Mini Lops.  Since there weren’t to many true Mini Plush Lop breeders I decided to take the long 12 hr round trip drive to pick up my 1st 2 Mini Plush Lops from Ellie’s Rabbitry in KY.  I am a licensed pet dealer and a member of ARBA.

Dalmatians have always been my breed of dog!  I grew up w/them and purchased my 1st Dalmatian in 2004.  I adore their love for their owners, how beautiful they are, their big smiles some of them give and their loyalty to their family.

We have 3 Great Pyrenees dogs protecting our chickens, ducks, goats and horses.  I never knew how sweet and gentle they were until we got ours!   Our puppies are raised outside w/mom and dad.

We raise Nubian goats for their milk. I decided on this breed b/c their long ears are just way too adorable and they are so friendly. They give a good amount of milk so I don’t need a huge herd. I’m so excited to learn how to make goat milk soap and everything else goat milk can make!

Berkshire pigs are our newest addition. When researching breeds I found Berkshire to be highly recommended for their friendliness, great mothering skills and amazing meat. I cannot wait to be able to offer people healthy forest raise meat!

We also have horses and cats on the farm.