Available Bunnies (selling out)

~ Mother/daughter pair! Primrose and Whitney are Mini Plush Lops looking for their forever home. They must go together as they’ve never been separated. They will need to be spayed. Must be housed inside!

~Poppy is a female Mini Plush Lop. She’s a big girl w/1 beautiful blue eye and 1 brown eye. She’s a very sweet girl but will need some time to settle in and bond w/new owner. She would do best in a more quiet house. Needs to be spayed. Must be housed inside!

~ William is a neutered Mini Plush Lop male. Birthday is 2/13/20. Must be in a house with no other rabbits. He loves to run around but gets slightly defensive when he goes back in his cage after running around near other rabbits. Must be housed inside! Experienced rabbit owner needed.

~ Joy is a Mini Plush Lop female. Will need to be spayed! She is timid but never been mean. Will need some good quiet quality time to bond w/new owner. Must be housed indoors in an exercise pen or something of equal size when locked up.

Rabbit Rescues: