Rabbit Sales Agreement

I’m selling out of rabbits. I will not have any more babies available. Babies are very heavily discounted!!!

Please read my sales agreement before inquiring about a rabbit.  If a rabbit is purchased it will be assumed that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Due to RHDV2 I no longer all people on my property. I will meet all buyers off site.

ALL MINI PLUSH LOPS ARE SOLD AS INDOOR PETS ONLY (if you are a current breeder please message me with your rabbitry name and all social media accounts).  THEY NEED TO BE NEUTERED BY 4.5 MONTHS OLD AND SPAYED BY 6.5 MONTHS OLD.  

If purchasing more that 1 rabbit they need to be same sex to avoid accidental breeding.

I require non-refundable deposits on all rabbits.   I do not offer discounts for multiple rabbits.

  • Mini Plush Lop Deposit: $75

Deposits are made by Zelle. The remaining amount for a bunny is due at the time of pick up.  A bunny will not leave my home unless the balance is paid.  Deposit receipts will be emailed to buyer when deposit is received.

White Creek Farm’s Zelle email address is: whitecreekfarm2015@gmail.com. Please include your email address in the notes section when placing a deposit so I can email you a receipt.

I can refuse the sale of a rabbit to anyone at anytime with no explanation.  I will not sell a rabbit unless I am sure they will be well taken care of.  If I refuse a sale I will refund your deposit in full.

If the gender or color you were hoping for is not born, I will put your name on the next wait list.  If you pay a deposit you will receive a bunny and I try my best to give every buyer a rabbit they love.

Choosing your rabbit:  I contact each buyer on the wait list when bunnies are 5 weeks old.  Buyers are asked to choose their bunnies within 24 hours.  Again, because of the waiting list I cannot let someone pick out a bunny until the people in front of them on the waiting list have chosen.

Pick Up:  Pick up will be off site (I meet at a location away from my house). I allow 1 week for pick up.  If buyer cannot pick up within those 7 days I can hold the bunny for an additional $5 a day boarding fee (must be previously discussed).  If buyer fails to pick up within the allowed 7 days their bunny will go to next person on wait list. Deposits are not refunded.

Health Warranty:  I do not offer a health warranty.  I will not sell a rabbit if I suspect it has any health problems.  It is the buyers responsibility to check the health and sex of rabbit upon pick up.  I will not exchange a rabbit after it has left my rabbitry because of a sex error.  After your rabbit leaves my care I am not liable for any illness or injuries.   All rabbits leave with a bag of pellets and hay.  

Surrendering your rabbit: I always try take back rabbits from White Creek Farm (space is limited but I do my best to make room).  The price of the rabbit will not be refunded.  The rabbit will need to come with the cage he/she was living in because I do not have unlimited cage space.   I WILL NOT refund the cost of a rabbit if a buyer later decides a rabbit isn’t a good fit for their family or they are no longer able to care for it.  I will also not refund a rabbit if a family doesn’t feel the rabbit is well behaved.

Transport: I always allow rabbits to fly in cabin with their new owners.  I meet buyers at the airport so there’s no car rental involved. On rare occasions I will allow ground transport (with a transport company) of our rabbits.  Please contact me before setting up ground transport. Transporting your rabbit in your vehicle is always welcome!

Pet Dealer License: I have been inspected and approved to sell rabbits by Georgia Department of Agriculture. I am required to keep records of all incoming and outgoing rabbits. All buyers will have to provide their full name, address and phone number at pick up. These records are kept confidential and remain in my care at all times.